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Title Mixer 6
Authors Linda Brandschain, David Graff, Chris Cieri, Kevin Walker, Chris Caruso and Abby Neely
Abstract Linguistic Data Consortium’s Human Subjects Data Collection lab conducts multi-modal speech collections to develop corpora for use in speech, speaker and language research and evaluations. The Mixer collections have evolved over the years to best accommodate the ever changing needs of the research community and to hopefully keep one step ahead by providing increasingly challenging data. Over the years Mixer collections have grown to include socio-linguistic interviews, a wide variety of telephone conditions and multiple languages, recording conditions, channels and speech acts.. Mixer 6 was the most recent collection. This paper describes the Mixer 6 Phase 1 project. Mixer 6 Phase 1 was a study supporting linguistic research, technology development and education. The object of this study was to record speech in a variety of situations that vary formality and model multiple naturally occurring interactions as well as a variety of channel conditions
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Person Identification, Speech resource/database
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