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Title Greybeard Longitudinal Speech Study
Authors Linda Brandschain, David Graff, Christopher Cieri, Kevin Walker, Chris Caruso and Abby Neely
Abstract The Greybeard Project was designed so as to enable research in speaker recognition using data that have been collected over a long period of time. Since 1994, LDC has been collecting speech samples for use in research and evaluations. By mining our earlier collections we assembled a list of subjects who had participated in multiple studies. These participants were then contacted and asked to take part in the Greybeard Project. The only constraint was that the participants must have made numerous calls in prior studies and the calls had to be a minimum of two years old. The archived data was sorted by participant and subsequent calls were added to their files. This is the first longitudinal study of its kind. The resulting corpus contains multiple calls for each participant that span anywhere from two to 12 years in time. It is our hope that these data will enable speaker recognition researchers to explore the effects of aging on voice.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Person Identification, Speech resource/database
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