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Title Collection of Usage Information for Language Resources from Academic Articles
Authors Shunsuke Kozawa, Hitomi Tohyama, Kiyotaka Uchimoto and Shigeki Matsubara
Abstract Recently, language resources (LRs) are becoming indispensable for linguistic researches. However, existing LRs are often not fully utilized because their variety of usage is not well known, indicating that their intrinsic value is not recognized very well either. Regarding this issue, lists of usage information might improve LR searches and lead to their efficient use. In this research, therefore, we collect a list of usage information for each LR from academic articles to promote the efficient utilization of LRs. This paper proposes to construct a text corpus annotated with usage information (UI corpus). In particular, we automatically extract sentences containing LR names from academic articles. Then, the extracted sentences are annotated with usage information by two annotators in a cascaded manner. We show that the UI corpus contributes to efficient LR searches by combining the UI corpus with a metadata database of LRs and comparing the number of LRs retrieved with and without the UI corpus.
Topics Metadata, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Other
Full paper Collection of Usage Information for Language Resources from Academic Articles
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