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Title Propbank Frameset Annotation Guidelines Using a Dedicated Editor, Cornerstone
Authors Jinho D. Choi, Claire Bonial and Martha Palmer
Abstract This paper gives guidelines of how to create and update Propbank frameset files using a dedicated editor, Cornerstone. Propbank is a corpus in which the arguments of each verb predicate are annotated with their semantic roles in relation to the predicate. Propbank annotation also requires the choice of a sense ID for each predicate. Thus, for each predicate in Propbank, there exists a corresponding frameset file showing the expected predicate argument structure of each sense related to the predicate. Since most Propbank annotations are based on the predicate argument structure defined in the frameset files, it is important to keep the files consistent, simple to read as well as easy to update. The frameset files are written in XML, which can be difficult to edit when using a simple text editor. Therefore, it is helpful to develop a user-friendly editor such as Cornerstone, specifically customized to create and edit frameset files. Cornerstone runs platform independently, is light enough to run as an X11 application and supports multiple languages such as Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi and Korean.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Semantics
Full paper Propbank Frameset Annotation Guidelines Using a Dedicated Editor, Cornerstone
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