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Title WikiNet: A Very Large Scale Multi-Lingual Concept Network
Authors Vivi Nastase, Michael Strube, Benjamin Boerschinger, Caecilia Zirn and Anas Elghafari
Abstract This paper describes a multi-lingual large-scale concept network obtained automatically by mining for concepts and relations and exploiting a variety of sources of knowledge from Wikipedia. Concepts and their lexicalizations are extracted from Wikipedia pages, in particular from article titles, hyperlinks, disambiguation pages and cross-language links. Relations are extracted from the category and page network, from the category names, from infoboxes and the body of the articles. The resulting network has two main components: (i) a central, language independent index of concepts, which serves to keep track of the concepts' lexicalizations both within a language and across languages, and to separate linguistic expressions of concepts from the relations in which they are involved (concepts themselves are represented as numeric IDs); (ii) a large network built on the basis of the relations extracted, represented as relations between concepts (more specifically, the numeric IDs). The various stages of obtaining the network were separately evaluated, and the results show a qualitative resource.
Topics Ontologies, Knowledge Discovery/Representation, Multilinguality
Full paper WikiNet: A Very Large Scale Multi-Lingual Concept Network
Slides WikiNet: A Very Large Scale Multi-Lingual Concept Network
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