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Title The Spanish Resource Grammar
Authors Montserrat Marimon
Abstract This paper describes the Spanish Resource Grammar, an open-source multi-purpose broad-coverage precise grammar for Spanish. The grammar is implemented on the Linguistic Knowledge Builder (LKB) system, it is grounded in the theoretical framework of Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG), and it uses Minimal Recursion Semantics (MRS) for the semantic representation. We have developed a hybrid architecture which integrates shallow processing functionalities -- morphological analysis, and Named Entity recognition and classification -- into the parsing process. The SRG has a full coverage lexicon of closed word classes and it contains 50,852 lexical entries for open word classes. The grammar also has 64 lexical rules to perform valence changing operations on lexical items, and 191 phrase structure rules that combine words and phrases into larger constituents and compositionally build up their semantic representation. The annotation of each parsed sentence in an LKB grammar simultaneously represents a traditional phrase structure tree, and a MRS semantic representation. We provide evaluation results on sentences from newspaper texts and discuss future work.
Topics Grammar and Syntax, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper The Spanish Resource Grammar
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