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Title Spanish FreeLing Dependency Grammar
Authors Marina Lloberes, Irene Castellón and Lluís Padró
Abstract This paper presents the development of an open-source Spanish Dependency Grammar implemented in FreeLing environment. This grammar was designed as a resource for NLP applications that require a step further in natural language automatic analysis, as is the case of Spanish-to-Basque translation. The development of wide-coverage rule-based grammars using linguistic knowledge contributes to extend the existing Spanish deep parsers collection, which sometimes is limited. Spanish FreeLing Dependency Grammar, named EsTxala, provides deep and robust parse trees, solving attachments for any structure and assigning syntactic functions to dependencies. These steps are dealt with hand-written rules based on linguistic knowledge. As a result, FreeLing Dependency Parser gives a unique analysis as a dependency tree for each sentence analyzed. Since it is a resource open to the scientific community, exhaustive grammar evaluation is being done to determine its accuracy as well as strategies for its manteinance and improvement. In this paper, we show the results of an experimental evaluation carried out over EsTxala in order to test our evaluation methodology.
Topics Grammar and Syntax, Parsing, Evaluation methodologies
Full paper Spanish FreeLing Dependency Grammar
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