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Title WAPUSK20 - A Database for Robust Audiovisual Speech Recognition
Authors Alexander Vorwerk, Xiaohui Wang, Dorothea Kolossa, Steffen Zeiler and Reinhold Orglmeister
Abstract Audiovisual speech recognition (AVSR) systems have been proven superior over audio-only speech recognizers in noisy environments by incorporating features of the visual modality. In order to develop reliable AVSR systems, appropriate simultaneously recorded speech and video data is needed. In this paper, we will introduce a corpus (WAPUSK20) that consists of audiovisual data of 20 speakers uttering 100 sentences each with four channels of audio and a stereoscopic video. The latter is intended to support more accurate lip tracking and the development of stereo data based normalization techniques for greater robustness of the recognition results. The sentence design has been adopted from the GRID corpus that has been widely used for AVSR experiments. Recordings have been made under acoustically realistic conditions in a usual office room. Affordable hardware equipment has been used, such as a pre-calibrated stereo camera and standard PC components. The software written to create this corpus was designed in MATLAB with help of hardware specific software provided by the hardware manufacturers and freely available open source software.
Topics Speech Recognition/Understanding, Speech resource/database, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper WAPUSK20 - A Database for Robust Audiovisual Speech Recognition
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