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Title The GIVE-2 Corpus of Giving Instructions in Virtual Environments
Authors Andrew Gargett, Konstantina Garoufi, Alexander Koller and Kristina Striegnitz
Abstract We present the GIVE-2 Corpus, a new corpus of human instruction giving. The corpus was collected by asking one person in each pair of subjects to guide the other person towards completing a task in a virtual 3D environment with typed instructions. This is the same setting as that of the recent GIVE Challenge, and thus the corpus can serve as a source of data and as a point of comparison for NLG systems that participate in the GIVE Challenge. The instruction-giving data we collect is multilingual (45 German and 63 English dialogues), and can easily be extended to further languages by using our software, which we have made available. We analyze the corpus to study the effects of learning by repeated participation in the task and the effects of the participants' spatial navigation abilities. Finally, we present a novel annotation scheme for situated referring expressions and compare the referring expressions in the German and English data.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Natural Language Generation
Full paper The GIVE-2 Corpus of Giving Instructions in Virtual Environments
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