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Title An Integrated Digital Tool for Accessing Language Resources
Authors Anil Kumar Singh and Bharat Ram Ambati
Abstract Language resources can be classified under several categories. To be able to query and operate on all (or most of) these categories using a single digital tool would be very helpful for a large number of researchers working on languages. We describe such a tool in this paper. It is different from other such tools in that it allows querying and transformation on different kinds of resources (such as corpora, lexicon and language models) with the same framework. Search options can be given based on the kind of resource being queried. It is possible to select a matched resource and open it for editing in the specialized interfaces with which that resource is associated. The tool also allows the extracted or modified data to be saved separately, apart from having the usual facilities like displaying the results in KeyWord-In-Context (KWIC) format. We also present the notation used for querying and transformation, which is comparable to but different from the Corpus Query Language (CQL).
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Tools, systems, applications, Other
Full paper An Integrated Digital Tool for Accessing Language Resources
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