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Title Using NLP Methods for the Analysis of Rituals
Authors Nils Reiter, Oliver Hellwig, Anand Mishra, Anette Frank and Jens Burkhardt
Abstract This paper gives an overview of an interdisciplinary research project that is concerned with the application of computational linguistics methods to the analysis of the structure and variance of rituals, as investigated in ritual science. We present motivation and prospects of a computational approach to ritual research, and explain the choice of specific analysis techniques. We discuss design decisions for data collection and processing and present the general NLP architecture. For the analysis of ritual descriptions, we apply the frame semantics paradigm with newly invented frames where appropriate. Using scientific ritual research literature, we experimented with several techniques of automatic extraction of domain terms for the domain of rituals. As ritual research is a highly interdisciplinary endeavour, a vocabulary common to all sub-areas of ritual research can is hard to specify and highly controversial. The domain terms extracted from ritual research literature are used as a basis for a common vocabulary and thus help the creation of ritual specific frames. We applied the tf*idf, 2 and PageRank algorithm to our ritual research literature corpus and two non-domain corpora: The British National Corpus and the British Academic Written English corpus. All corpora have been part of speech tagged and lemmatized. The domain terms have been evaluated by two ritual experts independently. Interestingly, the results of the algorithms were different for different parts of speech. This finding is in line with the fact that the inter-annotator agreement also differs between parts of speech.
Topics Other, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Discourse annotation, representation and processing
Full paper Using NLP Methods for the Analysis of Rituals
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