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Title Annotation of Morphological Meanings of Verbs Revisited
Authors Jarmila Panevová and Magda Ševčíková
Abstract Meanings of morphological categories are an indispensable component of representation of sentence semantics. In the Prague Dependency Treebank 2.0, sentence semantics is represented as a dependency tree consisting of labeled nodes and edges. Meanings of morphological categories are captured as attributes of tree nodes; these attributes are called grammatemes. The present paper focuses on morphological meanings of verbs, i.e. on meanings of the morphological category of tense, mood, aspect etc. After several introductory remarks, seven verbal grammatemes used in the PDT 2.0 annotation scenario are briefly introduced. After that, each of the grammatemes is examined. Three verbal grammatemes of the original set were included in the new set without changes, one of the grammatemes was extended, and three of them were substituted for three new ones. The revised grammateme set is to be included in the forthcoming version of PDT (tentatively called PDT 3.0). Rules for automatic and manual assignment of the revised grammatemes are further discussed in the paper.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Morphology, Grammar and Syntax
Full paper Annotation of Morphological Meanings of Verbs Revisited
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