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Title An Evolving eScience Environment for Research Data in Linguistics
Authors Claus Zinn, Peter Wittenburg and Jacquelijn Ringersma
Abstract The amount of research data in the Humanities is increasing at fast speed. Metadata helps describing and making accessible this data to interested researchers within and across institutions. While metadata interoperability is an issue that is being recognised and addressed, the systematic and user-driven provision of annotations and the linking together of resources into new organisational layers have received much less attention. This paper gives an overview of our evolving technological eScience environment to support such functionality. It describes two tools, ADDIT and ViCoS, which enable researchers, rather than archive managers, to organise and reorganise research data to fit their particular needs. The two tools, which are embedded into our institute's existing software landscape, are an initial step towards an eScience environment that gives our scientists easy access to (multimodal) research data of their interest, and empowers them to structure, enrich, link together, and share such data as they wish.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, LR Infrastructures and Architectures, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper An Evolving eScience Environment for Research Data in Linguistics
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