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Title The Web Library of Babel: evaluating genre collections
Authors Serge Sharoff, Zhili Wu and Katja Markert
Abstract We present experiments in automatic genre classification on web corpora, comparing a wide variety of features on several different genreannotated datasets (HGC, I-EN, KI-04, KRYS-I, MGC and SANTINIS).We investigate the performance of several types of features (POS n-grams, character n-grams and word n-grams) and show that simple character n-grams perform best on current collections because of their ability to generalise both lexical and syntactic phenomena related to genres. However, we also show that these impressive results might not be transferrable to the wider web due to the lack of comparability between different annotation labels (many webpages cannot be described in terms of the genre labels in individual collections), lack of representativeness of existing collections (many genres are represented by webpages coming from a small number of sources) as well as problems in the reliability of genre annotation (many pages from the web are difficult to interpret in terms of the labels available). This suggests that more research is needed to understand genres on the Web.
Topics Document Classification, Text categorisation, Statistical and machine learning methods, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper The Web Library of Babel: evaluating genre collections
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