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Title Syntactic Annotation Guidelines for the Quranic Arabic Dependency Treebank
Authors Kais Dukes, Eric Atwell and Abdul-Baquee M. Sharaf
Abstract The Quranic Arabic Dependency Treebank (QADT) is part of the Quranic Arabic Corpus (, an online linguistic resource organized by the University of Leeds, and developed through online collaborative annotation. The website has become a popular study resource for Arabic and the Quran, and is now used by over 1,500 researchers and students daily. This paper presents the treebank, explains the choice of syntactic representation, and highlights key parts of the annotation guidelines. The text being analyzed is the Quran, the central religious book of Islam, written in classical Quranic Arabic (c. 600 CE). To date, all 77,430 words of the Quran have a manually verified morphological analysis, and syntactic analysis is in progress. 11,000 words of Quranic Arabic have been syntactically annotated as part of a gold standard treebank. Annotation guidelines are especially important to promote consistency for a corpus which is being developed through online collaboration, since often many people will participate from different backgrounds and with different levels of linguistic expertise. The treebank is available online for collaborative correction to improve accuracy, with suggestions reviewed by expert Arabic linguists, and compared against existing published books of Quranic Syntax.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Grammar and Syntax, Parsing
Full paper Syntactic Annotation Guidelines for the Quranic Arabic Dependency Treebank
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