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Title WebLicht: Web-based LRT Services in a Distributed eScience Infrastructure
Authors Marie Hinrichs, Thomas Zastrow and Erhard Hinrichs
Abstract eScience - enhanced science - is a new paradigm of scientific work and research. In the humanities, eScience environments can be helpful in establishing new workflows and lifecycles of scientific data. WebLicht is such an eScience environment for linguistic analysis, making linguistic tools and resources available network-wide. Today, most digital language resources and tools (LRT) are available by download only. This is inconvenient for someone who wants to use and combine several tools because these tools are normally not compatible with each other. To overcome this restriction, WebLicht makes the functionality of linguistic tools and the resources themselves available via the internet as web services. In WebLicht, several kinds of linguistic tools are available which cover the basic functionality of automatic and incremental creation of annotated text corpora. To make use of the more than 70 tools and resources currently available, the end user needs nothing more than just a common web browser.
Topics Web Services, Tools, systems, applications, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper WebLicht: Web-based LRT Services in a Distributed eScience Infrastructure
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