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Title Evaluation Metrics for Persuasive NLP with Google AdWords
Authors Marco Guerini, Carlo Strapparava and Oliviero Stock
Abstract Evaluating systems and theories about persuasion represents a bottleneck for both theoretical and applied fields: experiments are usually expensive and time consuming. Still, measuring the persuasive impact of a message is of paramount importance. In this paper we present a new ``cheap and fast'' methodology for measuring the persuasiveness of communication. This methodology allows conducting experiments with thousands of subjects for a few dollars in a few hours, by tweaking and using existing commercial tools for advertising on the web, such as Google AdWords. The central idea is to use AdWords features for defining message persuasiveness metrics. Along with a description of our approach we provide some pilot experiments, conducted both with text and image based ads, that confirm the effectiveness of our ideas. We also discuss the possible application of research on persuasive systems to Google AdWords in order to add more flexibility in the wearing out of persuasive messages.
Topics Evaluation methodologies, Emotion Recognition/Generation, Other
Full paper Evaluation Metrics for Persuasive NLP with Google AdWords
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