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Title Comparing the Influence of Different Treebank Annotations on Dependency Parsing
Authors Cristina Bosco, Simonetta Montemagni, Alessandro Mazzei, Vincenzo Lombardo, Felice Dell'Orletta, Alessandro Lenci, Leonardo Lesmo, Giuseppe Attardi, Maria Simi, Alberto Lavelli, Johan Hall, Jens Nilsson and Joakim Nivre
Abstract As the interest of the NLP community grows to develop several treebanks also for languages other than English, we observe efforts towards evaluating the impact of different annotation strategies used to represent particular languages or with reference to particular tasks. This paper contributes to the debate on the influence of resources used for the training and development on the performance of parsing systems. It presents a comparative analysis of the results achieved by three different dependency parsers developed and tested with respect to two treebanks for the Italian language, namely TUT and ISST--TANL, which differ significantly at the level of both corpus composition and adopted dependency representations.
Topics Parsing, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Evaluation methodologies
Full paper Comparing the Influence of Different Treebank Annotations on Dependency Parsing
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