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Title Question Answering on Web Data: The QA Evaluation in Quæro
Authors Ludovic Quintard, Olivier Galibert, Gilles Adda, Brigitte Grau, Dominique Laurent, Véronique Moriceau, Sophie Rosset, Xavier Tannier and Anne Vilnat
Abstract In the QA and information retrieval domains progress has been assessed via evaluation campaigns(Clef, Ntcir, Equer, Trec).In these evaluations, the systems handle independent questions and should provide one answer to each question, extracted from textual data, for both open domain and restricted domain. Quæro is a program promoting research and industrial innovation on technologies for automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents. Among the many research areas concerned by Quæro. The Quaero project organized a series of evaluations of Question Answering on Web Data systems in 2008 and 2009. For each language, English and French the full corpus has a size of around 20Gb for 2.5M documents. We describe the task and corpora, and especially the methodologies used in 2008 to construct the test of question and a new one in the 2009 campaign. Six types of questions were addressed, factual, Non-factual(How, Why, What), List, Boolean. A description of the participating systems and the obtained results is provided. We show the difficulty for a question-answering system to work with complex data and questions.
Topics Question Answering
Full paper Question Answering on Web Data: The QA Evaluation in Quæro
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