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Title Cultural Aspects of Spatiotemporal Analysis in Multilingual Applications
Authors Ineke Schuurman and Vincent Vandeghinste
Abstract In this paper we want to point out some issues arising when a natural language processing task involves several languages (like multi- lingual, multidocument summarization and the machine translation aspects involved) which are often neglected. These issues are of a more cultural nature, and may even come into play when several documents in a single language are involved. We pay special attention to those aspects dealing with the spatiotemporal characteristics of a text. Correct automatic selection of (parts of) texts such as handling the same eventuality, presupposes spatiotemporal disambiguation at a rather specific level. The same holds for the analysis of the query. For generation and translation purposes, spatiotemporal aspects may be relevant as well. At the moment English (both the British and American variants) and Dutch (the Flemish and Dutch variant) are covered, all taking into account the perspective of a contemporary, Flemish user. In our approach the cultural aspects associated with for example the language of publication and the language used by the user play a crucial role.
Topics Semantics, Summarisation, Multilinguality
Full paper Cultural Aspects of Spatiotemporal Analysis in Multilingual Applications
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