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Title Online Japanese Unknown Morpheme Detection using Orthographic Variation
Authors Yugo Murawaki and Sadao Kurohashi
Abstract To solve the unknown morpheme problem in Japanese morphological analysis, we previously proposed a novel framework of online unknown morpheme acquisition and its implementation. This framework poses a previously unexplored problem, online unknown morpheme detection. Online unknown morpheme detection is a task of finding morphemes in each sentence that are not listed in a given lexicon. Unlike in English, it is a non-trivial task because Japanese does not delimit words by white space. We first present a baseline method that simply uses the output of the morphological analyzer. We then show that it fails to detect some unknown morphemes because they are over-segmented into shorter registered morphemes. To cope with this problem, we present a simple solution, the use of orthographic variation of Japanese. Under the assumption that orthographic variants behave similarly, each over-segmentation candidate is checked against its counterparts. Experiments show that the proposed method improves the recall of detection and contributes to improving unknown morpheme acquisition.
Topics Acquisition, Lexicon, lexical database, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Online Japanese Unknown Morpheme Detection using Orthographic Variation
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