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Title The Grande Grammaire du Français Project
Authors Anne Abeillé and Danièle Godard
Abstract We present a new reference Grammar of French (La Grande Grammaire du français), which is a collective project (gathering around fifty contributors), producing a book (about 2200 pages, to be published en 2011) and associated databases. Like the recent reference grammars of the other Romance Languages, it takes into account the important results of the linguistic research of the past thrity years, while aiming at a non specialist audience and avoiding formalization. We differ from existing French grammar by being focused on contemporary French from a purely descriptive point of view, and by taking spoken data into account. We include a description of all the syntactic phenomena, as well as lexical, semantic, pragmatic and prosodic insights, specially as they interact with syntax. The analysis concerns the data from contemporary written French, but also includes data from spoken corpora and regional or non standard French (when accessible). Throughout the grammar, a simple phrase structure grammar is used, in order to maintain a common representation. The analyses are modular with a strict division of labor between morphology, syntax and semantics. From the syntactic point of view, POS are also distinguished from grammatical relations (or functions). The databases include a terminological glossary, different lexical databases for certain POS, certain valence frames and certain semantic classes, and a bibliographical database.
Topics Grammar and Syntax, LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper The Grande Grammaire du Français Project
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