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Title A Morphological Processor Based on Foma for Biscayan (a Basque dialect)
Authors Iñaki Alegria, Garbiñe Aranbarri, Klara Ceberio, Gorka Labaka, Bittor Laskurain and Ruben Urizar
Abstract We present a new morphological processor for Biscayan, a dialect of Basque, developed on the description of the morphology of standard Basque. The database for the standard morphology has been extended for dialects and an open-source tool for morphological description named foma is used for building the processor. Biscayan is a dialect of the Basque language spoken mainly in Biscay, a province on the western of the Basque Country. The description of the lexicon and the morphotactics (or word grammar) for the standard Basque was carried out using a relational database and the database has been extended in order to include dialectal variants linked to the standard entries. XuxenB, a spelling checker/corrector for this dialect, is the first application of this work. Additionally to the basic analyzer used for spelling, a new transducer is included. It is an enhanced analyzer for linking standard form with the corresponding standard ones. It is used in correction for generation of proposals when in the input text appear standard forms which we want to replace with dialectal forms.
Topics Morphology, Tools, systems, applications, Authoring tools, proofing
Full paper A Morphological Processor Based on Foma for Biscayan (a Basque dialect)
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