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Title Lexical Semantic Resources in a Terminological Network
Authors Rita Marinelli, Adriana Roventini, Giovanni Spadoni and Sebastiana Cucurullo
Abstract A research has been carried on and is still in progress aimed at the construction of three specialized lexicons organized as databases of relational type. The three databases contain terms belonging to the specialized knowledge fields of maritime terminology (technical-nautical and maritime transport domain), taxation law, and labour law with union labour rules, respectively. The EuroWordNet/ItalWordNet model was firstly used to structure the terminological database of maritime domain. The methodology experimented for its construction was applied to construct the next databases. It consists in i) the management of corpora of specialized languages and ii) the use of generic databases to identify and extract a set of candidate terms to be codified in the terminological databases. The three specialized resources are described highlighting the various kinds of lexical semantic relations linking each term to the others within the single terminological database and to the generic resources WordNet and ItalWordNet. The construction of these specialized lexicons was carried on in the framework of different projects; but they can be seen as a first nucleus of an organized network of generic and specialized lexicons with the purpose of making the meaning of each term clearer from a cognitive point of view.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Ontologies, Semantics
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