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Title Multimodal Russian Corpus (MURCO): First Steps
Authors Elena Grishina
Abstract The paper introduces the Multimodal Russian Corpus (MURCO), which has been created in the framework of the Russian National Corpus (RNC). The MURCO provides the users with the great amount of phonetic, orthoepic, intonational information related to Russian. Moreover, the deeply annotated part of the MURCO contains the data concerning Russian gesticulation, speech act system, types of vocal gestures and interjections in Russian, and so on. The Corpus is on free access. The paper describes the main types of annotation and the interface structure of the MURCO. The MURCO consists of two parts, the second part being the subset of the first: 1) the whole Corpus, which is annotated from the lexical (lemmatization), morphological, semantic, accentological, metatextual, socioligical point of view (these types of annotation are standard for the RNC), and also from the point of view of phonetics (the orthoepic annotation and the mark-up of accentological word structure), 2) the deeply annotated MURCO, which is annotated in addition from the point of view of gesticulation and speech act structure.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Discourse annotation, representation and processing, Speech resource/database
Full paper Multimodal Russian Corpus (MURCO): First Steps
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