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Title The JOS Linguistically Tagged Corpus of Slovene
Authors Tomaž Erjavec, Darja Fišer, Simon Krek and Nina Ledinek
Abstract The JOS language resources are meant to facilitate developments of HLT and corpus linguistics for the Slovene language and consist of the morphosyntactic specifications, defining the Slovene morphosyntactic features and tagset; two annotated corpora (jos100k and jos1M); and two web services (a concordancer and text annotation tool). The paper introduces these components, and concentrates on jos100k, a 100,000 word sampled balanced monolingual Slovene corpus, manually annotated for three levels of linguistic description. On the morphosyntactic level, each word is annotated with its morphosyntactic description and lemma; on the syntactic level the sentences are annotated with dependency links; on the semantic level, all the occurrences of 100 top nouns in the corpus are annotated with their wordnet synset from the Slovene semantic lexicon sloWNet. The JOS corpora and specifications have a standardised encoding (Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines TEI P5) and are available for research from under the Creative Commons licence.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Grammar and Syntax, Semantics
Full paper The JOS Linguistically Tagged Corpus of Slovene
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