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Title A Freely Available Morphological Analyzer for Turkish
Authors Çağrı Çöltekin
Abstract This paper presents TRmorph, a two-level morphological analyzer for Turkish. TRmorph is a fairly complete and accurate morphological analyzer for Turkish. However, strength of TRmorph is neither in its performance, nor in its novelty. The main feature of this analyzer is its availability. It has completely been implemented using freely available tools and resources, and the two-level description is also distributed with a license that allows others to use and modify it freely for different applications. To our knowledge, TRmorph is the first freely available morphological analyzer for Turkish. This makes TRmorph particularly suitable for applications where the analyzer has to be changed in some way, or as a starting point for morphological analyzers for similar languages. TRmorph's specification of Turkish morphology is relatively complete, and it is distributed with a large lexicon. Along with the description of how the analyzer is implemented, this paper provides an evaluation of the analyzer on two large corpora.
Topics Morphology, Lexicon, lexical database, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper A Freely Available Morphological Analyzer for Turkish
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