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Title Model Summaries for Location-related Images
Authors Ahmet Aker and Robert Gaizauskas
Abstract At present there is no publicly available data set to evaluate the performance of different summarization systems on the task of generating location-related extended image captions. In this paper we describe a corpus of human generated model captions in English and German. We have collected 932 model summaries in English from existing image descriptions and machine translated these summaries into German. We also performed post-editing on the translated German summaries to ensure high quality. Both English and German summaries are evaluated using a readability assessment as in DUC and TAC to assess their quality. Our model summaries performed similar to the ones reported in Dang (2005) and thus are suitable for evaluating automatic summarization systems on the task of generating image descriptions for location related images. In addition, we also investigated whether post-editing of machine-translated model summaries is necessary for automated ROUGE evaluations. We found a high correlation in ROUGE scores between post-edited and non-post-edited model summaries which indicates that the expensive process of post-editing is not necessary.
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Summarisation, Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation
Full paper Model Summaries for Location-related Images
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