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Title Latest Developments in ELRA’s Services
Authors Valérie Mapelli, Victoria Arranz, Hélène Mazo and Khalid Choukri
Abstract This paper describes the latest developments in ELRA’s services within the field of Language Resources (LR). These developments focus on 4 main groups of activities: the identification and distribution of Language Resources; the production of LRs; the evaluation of Human Language Technology (HLT), and the dissemination of information in the field. ELRA’s initial work on the distribution of language resources has evolved throughout the years, currently covering a much wider range of activities that have been considered crucial for the current needs of the R&D community and the “good health” of the LR world. Regarding distribution, considerable work has been done on a broader identification, which does not only consider resources to be immediately negotiated for distribution but which aims to inform on all available resources. This has been the seed for the Universal Catalogue. Furthermore, a Catalogue of LRs with favourable conditions for R&D has also been created. Moreover, the different activities in what regards identification on demand, production within different frameworks, evaluation of language technologies and participation in evaluation campaigns, as well as our very specific focus on information dissemination are described in detail in this paper.
Topics LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues, Metadata, Other
Full paper Latest Developments in ELRA’s Services
Slides Latest Developments in ELRA’s Services
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