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Title IrcamCorpusTools: an Extensible Platform for Spoken Corpora Exploitation
Authors Christophe Veaux, Gregory Beller and Xavier Rodet
Abstract Corpus based methods are increasingly used for speech technology applications and for the development of theoretical or computer models of spoken languages. These usages range from unit selection speech synthesis to statistical modeling of speech phenomena like prosody or expressivity. In all cases, these usages require a wide range of tools for corpus creation, labeling, symbolic and acoustic analysis, storage and query. However, if a variety of tools exists for each of these individual tasks, they are rarely integrated into a single platform made available to a large community of researchers. In this paper, we propose IrcamCorpusTools, an open and easily extensible platform for analysis, query and visualization of speech corpora. It is already used for unit selection speech synthesis, for prosody and expressivity studies, and to exploit various corpora of spoken French or other languages.
Language Language-independent
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Tools, systems, applications, Speech resource/database
Full paper IrcamCorpusTools: an Extensible Platform for Spoken Corpora Exploitation
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