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Title Creating Glossaries Using Pattern-Based and Machine Learning Techniques
Authors Eline Westerhout and Paola Monachesi
Abstract One of the aims of the Language Technology for eLearning project is to show that Natural Language Processing techniques can be employed to enhance the learning process. To this end, one of the functionalities that has been developed is a pattern-based glossary candidate detector which is capable of extracting definitions in eight languages. In order to improve the results obtained with the pattern-based approach, machine learning techniques are applied on the Dutch results to filter out incorrectly extracted definitions. In this paper, we discuss the machine learning techniques used and we present the results of the quantitative evaluation. We also discuss the integration of the tool into the Learning Management System ILIAS.
Language Language-independent
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Lexicon, lexical database
Full paper Creating Glossaries Using Pattern-Based and Machine Learning Techniques
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