Summary of the paper

Title Romanian Semantic Role Resource
Authors Diana Trandabat and Maria Husarciuc
Abstract Semantic databases are a stable starting point in developing knowledge based systems. Since creating language resources demands many temporal, financial and human resources, a possible solution could be the import of a resource annotation from one language to another. This paper presents the creation of a semantic role database for Romanian, starting from the English FrameNet semantic resource. The intuition behind the importing program is that most of the frames defined in the English FN are likely to be valid cross-lingual, since semantic frames express conceptual structures, language independent at the deep structure level. The surface realization, the surface level, is realized according to each language syntactic constraints. In the paper we present the advantages of choosing to import the English FrameNet annotation, instead of annotating a new corpus. We also take into account the mismatches encountered in the validation process. The rules created to manage particular situations are used to improve the import program. We believe the information and argumentations in this paper could be of interest for those who wish develop FrameNet-like systems for other languages.
Language Single language
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues, Semantics
Full paper Romanian Semantic Role Resource
Slides Romanian Semantic Role Resource
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