Summary of the paper

Title Tools & Resources for Visualising Conversational-Speech Interaction
Authors Nick Campbell
Abstract This paper describes tools and techniques for accessing large quantities of speech data and for the visualisation of discourse interactions and events at levels above that of linguistic content. We are working with large quantities of dialogue speech including business meetings, friendly discourse, and telephone conversations, and have produced web-based tools for the visualisation of non-verbal and paralinguistic features of the speech data. In essence, they provide higher-level displays so that specific sections of speech, text, or other annotation can be accessed by the researcher and provide an interactive interface to the large amount of data through an Archive Browser.
Language Language-independent
Topics Multimedia annotation and processing, Speech resource/database, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Tools & Resources for Visualising Conversational-Speech Interaction
Slides Tools & Resources for Visualising Conversational-Speech Interaction
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