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Title Rule-Based Chunker for Croatian
Authors Kristina Vuckovic, Marko Tadic and Zdravko Dovedan
Abstract In this paper we discuss a rule-based approach to chunking sentences in Croatian, implemented using local regular grammars within the NooJ development environment. We describe the rules and their implementation by regular grammars and at the same time show that in NooJ environment it is extremely easy to fine tune their different sub-rules. Since Croatian has strong morphosyntactic features that are shared between most or all elements of a chunk, the rules are built by taking these features into account and strongly relying on them. For the evaluation of our chunker we used a extracted set of manually annotated sentences from 100 kw MSD/tagged and disambiguated Croatian corpus. Our chunker performed the best on VP-chunks (F: 97.01), while NP-chunks (F: 92.31) and PP-chunks (F: 83.08) were of lower quality. The results are comparable to chunker performance of CoNLL-2000 shared task of chunking.
Language Single language
Topics Grammars, Parsing Systems, MultiWord Expressions & Collocations
Full paper Rule-Based Chunker for Croatian
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