Summary of the paper

Title A Bilingual Corpus of Inter-linked Events
Authors Tommaso Caselli, Nancy Ide and Roberto Bartolini
Abstract This paper describes the creation of a bilingual corpus of inter-linked events for Italian and English. Linkage is accomplished through the Inter-Lingual Index (ILI) that links ItalWordNet with WordNet. The availability of this resource, on the one hand, enables contrastive analysis of the linguistic phenomena surrounding events in both languages, and on the other hand, can be used to perform multilingual temporal analysis of texts. In addition to describing the methodology for construction of the inter-linked corpus and the analysis of the data collected, we demonstrate that the ILI could potentially be used to bootstrap the creation of comparable corpora by exporting layers of annotation for words that have the same sense.
Language Multiple languages
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Semantics, Validation of LRs
Full paper A Bilingual Corpus of Inter-linked Events
Slides A Bilingual Corpus of Inter-linked Events
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