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Title Supersense Tagger for Italian
Authors Davide Picca, Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo and Massimiliano Ciaramita
Abstract In this paper we present the procedure we followed to develop the Italian Super Sense Tagger. In particular, we adapted the English SuperSense Tagger to the Italian Language by exploiting a parallel sense labeled corpus for training. As for English, the Italian tagger uses a fixed set of 26 semantic labels, called supersenses, achieving a slightly lower accuracy due to the lower quality of the Italian training data. Both taggers accomplish the same task of identifying entities and concepts belonging to a common set of ontological types. This parallelism allows us to define effective methodologies for a broad range of cross-language knowledge acquisition tasks
Language Single language
Topics Tagging, Named Entity recognition, Acquisition, Machine Learning
Full paper Supersense Tagger for Italian
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