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Title Relationships between Nursing Converstaions and Activities
Authors Hiromi Itoh Ozaku, Akinori Abe, Kaoru Sagara and Kiyoshi Kogure
Abstract In this paper, we determine the relationships between nursing activities and nurseing conversations based on the principle of maximum entropy. For analysis of the features of nursing activities, we built nursing corpora from actual nursing conversation sets collected in hospitals that involve various information about nursing activities. Ex-nurses manually assigned nursing activity information to the nursing conversations in the corpora. Since it is inefficient and too expensive to attach all information manually, we introduced an automatic nursing activity determination method for which we built models of relationships between nursing conversations and activities. In this paper, we adopted a maximum entropy approach for learning. Even though the conversation data set is not large enough for learning, acceptable results were obtained.
Language Multiple languages
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Acquisition, Machine Learning
Full paper Relationships between Nursing Converstaions and Activities
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