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Title Acquiring a Taxonomy from the German Wikipedia
Authors Laura Kassner, Vivi Nastase and Michael Strube
Abstract This paper presents the process of acquiring a large, domain independent, taxonomy from the German Wikipedia. We build upon a previously implemented platform that extracts a semantic network and taxonomy from the English version of the Wikipedia. We describe two accomplishments of our work: the semantic network for the German language in which isa links are identified and annotated, and an expansion of the platform for easy adaptation for a new language. We identify the platform’s strengths and shortcomings, which stem from the scarcity of free processing resources for languages other than English. We show that the taxonomy induction process is highly reliable - evaluated against the German version of WordNet, GermaNet, the resource obtained shows an accuracy of 83.34%.
Language Single language
Topics Ontologies, Multilinguality, Other
Full paper Acquiring a Taxonomy from the German Wikipedia
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