Summary of the paper

Title Clustering Related Terms with Definitions
Authors Scott Piao, John McNaught and Sophia Ananiadou
Abstract It is a challenging task to match similar or related terms/expressions in NLP and Text Mining applications. Two typical areas in need for such work are terminology and ontology constructions, where terms and concepts are extracted and organized into certain structures with various semantic relations. In the EU BOOTSTrep Project we test various techniques for matching terms that can assist human domain experts in building and enriching ontologies. This paper reports on a work in which we evaluated a text comparing and clustering tool for this task. Particularly, we explore the feasibility of matching related terms with their definitions. Ontology terms, such as Gene Ontology terms, are often assigned with detailed definitions, which provide a fundamental information source for detecting relations between terms. Here we focus on the exploitation of term definitions for the term matching task. Our experiment shows that the tool is capable of grouping many related terms using their definitions.
Language Single language
Topics Text mining, Tools, systems, applications, Ontologies
Full paper Clustering Related Terms with Definitions
Slides Clustering Related Terms with Definitions
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