Summary of the paper

Title Towards Heterogeneous Automatic MT Error Analysis
Authors Jesús Giménez and Lluis Màrquez
Abstract This work studies the viability of performing heterogeneous automatic MT error analyses. Error analysis is, undoubtly, one of the most crucial stages in the development cycle of an MT system. However, often not enough attention is paid to this process. The reason is that performing an accurate error analysis requires intensive human labor. In order to speed up the error analysis process, we suggest partially automatizing it by having automatic evaluation metrics play a more active role. For that purpose, we have compiled a large and heterogeneous set of features at different linguistic levels and at different levels of granularity. Through a practical case study, we show how these features provide an effective means of ellaborating interpretable and detailed automatic reports of translation quality.
Language Single language
Topics Evaluation methodologies, Machine Translation, SpeechToSpeech Translation, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Towards Heterogeneous Automatic MT Error Analysis
Slides Towards Heterogeneous Automatic MT Error Analysis
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