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Title Mapping Events and Abstract Entities from PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS to ItalWordNet
Authors Adriana Roventini and Nilda Ruimy
Abstract In the few last years, due to the increasing importance of the web, both computational tools and resources need to be more and more visible and easily accessible to a vast community of scholars, students and researchers. Furthermore, high quality lexical resources are crucially required for a wide range of HLT-NLP applications, among which word sense disambiguation. Vast and consistent electronic lexical resources do exist which can be further enhanced and enriched through their linking and integration. An ILC project dealing with the link of two large lexical semantic resources for the Italian language, namely ItalWordNet and PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS, fits this trend. Concrete entities were already linked and this paper addresses the semi-automatic mapping of events and abstract entities. The lexical models of the two resources, the mapping strategy and the tool that was implemented to this aim are briefly outlined. Special focus is put on the results of the linking process: figures are reported and examples are given which illustrate both the linking and harmonization of the resources but also cases of discrepancies, mainly due to the different underlying semantic models.
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Semantics, Ontologies
Full paper Mapping Events and Abstract Entities from PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS to ItalWordNet
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