Summary of the paper

Title Creating and Exploiting Multimodal Annotated Corpora
Authors Philippe Blache, Roxane Bertrand and Gaëlle Ferré
Abstract The paper presents a project of the Laboratoire Parole & Langage which aims at collecting, annotating and exploiting a corpus of spoken French in a multimodal perspective. The project directly meets the present needs in linguistics where a growing number of researchers become aware of the fact that a theory of communication which aims at describing real interactions should take into account the complexity of these interactions. However, in order to take into account such a complexity, linguists should have access to spoken corpora annotated in different fields. The paper presents the annotation schemes used in phonetics, morphology and syntax, prosody, gestuality at the LPL together with the type of linguistic description made from the annotations seen in two examples.
Language Single language
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Multimedia annotation and processing, Tools, systems, applications
Full paper Creating and Exploiting Multimodal Annotated Corpora
Slides Creating and Exploiting Multimodal Annotated Corpora
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