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Title Verb-Noun Collocation SyntLex Dictionary: Corpus-Based Approach
Authors Grazyna Vetulani, Zygmunt Vetulani and Tomasz Obrębski
Abstract The project presented here is a part of a long term research program aiming at a full lexicon grammar for Polish (SyntLex). The main concern of this project is computer-assisted acquisition and morpho-syntactic description of verb-noun collocations in Polish. We present methodology and resources obtained in three main project phases which are: dictionary-based acquisition of collocation lexicon, feasibility study for corpus-based lexicon enlargement phase, corpus-based lexicon enlargement and collocation description. In this paper we focus on the results of the third phase. The presented here corpus-based approach permitted us to triple the size the verb-noun collocation dictionary for Polish. In the paper we describe the SyntLex Dictionary of Collocations and announce some future research intended to be a separate project continuation.
Language Single language
Topics MultiWord Expressions & Collocations, Lexicon, lexical database, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper Verb-Noun Collocation SyntLex Dictionary: Corpus-Based Approach
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