Summary of the paper

Title Scaling Answer Type Detection to Large Hierarchies
Authors Kirk Roberts and Andrew Hickl
Abstract This paper describes the creation of a state-of-the-art answer type detection system capable of recognizing more than 200 different expected answer types with greater than 85% precision and recall. After describing how we constructed a new, multi-tiered answer type hierarchy from the set of entity types recognized by Language Computer Corporation’s CICEROLITE named entity recognition system, we describe how we used this hierarchy to annotate a new corpus of more than 10,000 English factoid questions. We show how an answer type detection system trained on this corpus can be used to enhance the accuracy of a state-of-the-art question-answering system (Hickl et al., 2007; Hickl et al., 2006b) by more than 7% overall.
Language Language-independent
Topics Question Answering, Document Classification, Text categorisation, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper Scaling Answer Type Detection to Large Hierarchies
Slides Scaling Answer Type Detection to Large Hierarchies
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