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Title LC-STAR II: Starring more Lexica
Authors Ute Ziegenhain, Hanne Fersoe, Henk van den Heuvel and Asuncion Moreno
Abstract LC-STAR II is a follow-up project of the EU funded project LC-STAR (Lexica and Corpora for Speech-to-Speech Translation Components, IST-2001-32216). LC-STAR II develops large lexica containing information for speech processing in ten languages targeting especially automatic speech recognition and text to speech synthesis but also other applications like speech-to-speech translation and tagging. The project follows by large the specifications developed within the scope of LC-STAR covering thirteen languages: Catalan, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Slovenian, Spanish, Standard Arabic and US-English. The ten new LC-STAR II languages are: Brazilian-Portuguese, Cantonese, Czech, English-UK, French, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, and Urdu. The project started in 2006 with a lifetime of two years. The project is funded by a consortium, which includes Microsoft (USA), Nokia (Finland), NSC (Israel), Siemens (Germany) and Harmann/Becker (Germany). The project is coordinated by UPC (Spain) and validation is performed by SPEX (The Netherlands), and CST (Denmark). The developed language resources will be shared among partners.This paper presents a summary of the creation of word lists and lexica and an overview of adaptations of the specifications and conceptual representation model from LC-STAR to the new languages. The validation procedure will be presented too.
Language Multiple languages
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, LR national/international projects, organizational/policy issues, Standards for LRs
Full paper LC-STAR II: Starring more Lexica
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