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Title Annotating an Arabic Learner Corpus for Error
Authors Ghazi Abuhakema, Reem Faraj, Anna Feldman and Eileen Fitzpatrick
Abstract This paper describes an ongoing project in which we are collecting a learner corpus of Arabic, developing a tagset for error annotation and performing Computer-aided Error Analysis (CEA) on the data. We adapted the French Interlanguage Database FRIDA tagset (Granger, 2003a) to the data. We chose FRIDA in order to follow a known standard and to see whether the changes needed to move from a French to an Arabic tagset would give us a measure of the distance between the two languages with respect to learner difficulty. The current collection of texts, which is constantly growing, contains intermediate and advanced-level student writings. We describe the need for such corpora, the learner data we have collected and the tagset we have developed. We also describe the error frequency distribution of both proficiency levels and the ongoing work.
Language Single language
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Tagging, Other
Full paper Annotating an Arabic Learner Corpus for Error
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