Summary of the paper

Title Coding Emotional Events in Audiovisual Corpora
Authors Laurence Devillers and Jean-Claude Martin
Abstract The modelling of realistic emotional behaviour is needed for various applications in multimodal human-machine interaction such as the design of emotional conversational agents (Martin et al., 2005) or of emotional detection systems (Devillers and Vidrascu, 2007). Yet, building such models requires appropriate definition of various levels for representing the emotions themselves but also some contextual information such as the events that elicit these emotions. This paper presents a coding scheme that has been defined following annotations of a corpus of TV interviews (EmoTV). Deciding which events triggered or may trigger which emotion is a challenge for building efficient emotion eliciting protocols. In this paper, we present the protocol that we defined for collecting another corpus of spontaneous human-human interactions recorded in laboratory conditions (EmoTaboo). We discuss the events that we designed for eliciting emotions. Part of this scheme for coding emotional event is being included in the specifications that are currently defined by a working group of the W3C (the W3C Emotion Incubator Working group). This group is investigating the feasibility of working towards a standard representation of emotions and related states in technological contexts.
Topics Emotions, Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.)
Full paper Coding Emotional Events in Audiovisual Corpora
Slides Coding Emotional Events in Audiovisual Corpora
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