Summary of the paper

Title Process Model for Composing High-quality Text Corpora
Authors Mikko Lounela
Abstract The Teko corpus composing model offers a decentralized, dynamic way of collecting high-quality text corpora for linguistic research. The resulting corpus consists of independent text sets. The sets are composed in cooperation with linguistic research projects, so each of them responds to a specific research need. The corpora are morphologically annotated and XML-based, with in-built compatibilty with the Kaino user interface used in the corpus server of the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland. Furthermore, software for extracting standard quantitative reports from the text sets has been created during the project. The paper describes the project, and estimates its benefits and problems. It also gives an overview of the technical qualities of the corpora and corpus interface connected to the Teko project.
Language Language-independent
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), LR Infrastructures and Architectures, LR web services
Full paper Process Model for Composing High-quality Text Corpora
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