Summary of the paper

Title A Suite to Compile and Analyze an LSP Corpus
Authors Rogelio Nazar, Jorge Vivaldi and Teresa Cabré
Abstract This paper presents a series of tools for the extraction of specialized corpora from the web and its subsequent analysis mainly with statistical techniques. It is an integrated system of original as well as standard tools and has a modular conception that facilitates its re-integration on different systems. The first part of the paper describes the original techniques, which are devoted to the categorization of documents as relevant or irrelevant to the corpus under construction, considering relevant a specialized document of the selected technical domain. Evaluation figures are provided for the original part, but not for the second part involving the analysis of the corpus, which is composed of algorithms that are well known in the field of Natural Language Processing, such as Kwic search, measures of vocabulary richness, the sorting of n-grams by frequency of occurrence or by measures of statistical association, distribution or similarity.
Language Language-independent
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), LR web services, Statistical methods
Full paper A Suite to Compile and Analyze an LSP Corpus
Slides A Suite to Compile and Analyze an LSP Corpus
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