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Title Yet another Platform for Extracting Knowledge from Corpora
Authors Francesca Fallucchi and Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
Abstract The research field of “extracting knowledge bases from text collections” seems to be mature: its target and its working hypotheses are clear. In this paper we propose a platform, YAPEK, i.e., Yet Another Platform for Extracting Knowledge from corpora, that wants to be the base to collect the majority of algorithms for extracting knowledge bases from corpora. The idea is that, when many knowledge extraction algorithms are collected under the same platform, relative comparisons are clearer and many algorithms can be leveraged to extract more valuable knowledge for final tasks such as Textual Entailment Recognition. As we want to collect many knowledge extraction algorithms, YAPEK is based on the three working hypotheses of the area: the basic hypothesis, the distributional hypothesis, and the point-wise assertion patterns. In YAPEK, these three hypotheses define two spaces: the space of the target textual forms and the space of the contexts. This platform guarantees the possibility of rapidly implementing many models for extracting knowledge from corpora as the platform gives clear entry points to model what is really different in the different algorithms: the feature spaces, the distances in these spaces, and the actual algorithm.
Language Single language
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Paraphrasing, Acquisition, Machine Learning
Full paper Yet another Platform for Extracting Knowledge from Corpora
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